Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Center is dedicated to treating athletes of all ages and abilities. Our multidisciplinary approach to treating sports related or sports type injuries where we engage physicians, athletic trainers and occupational and physical therapists, allows us to provide every patient with the absolute best possible treatment plan and result. Our providers are trained to perform the latest...

Sports Medicine Services

General Orthopaedics

Southern Illinois is dedicated to you, our patient, as we help you improve your quality of life through premier musculoskeletal care. We care for you with compassion and respect, providing state-of-the-art treatment inside our convenient and comfortable locations across Southern Illinois. Our team offers a full range of orthopaedic clinical services, imaging, and same-day orthopaedic surgery procedures. Contact our...

General Orthopaedics Services

Back and Spine

Our back and spine surgeons bring a new level of spinal care to our region. With the most up-to-date technology at our disposal, we provide many modern techniques to people across Southern IL. Our centrally-located facilities provide patients with greater convenience and better access to spinal care and ancillary services. If you are experiencing back pain or any other...

Back and Spine Services


A few of the services we offer.

Foot and Ankle

The experienced physicians and surgeons at The Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois provide the latest in technologically-advanced services to treat foot and ankle conditions of all kinds. Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients an early return to weight-bearing activities. With x rays, MRIs and therapy all available at our convenient locations, you will be taken...

Foot and Ankle Services

Hand and Wrist

The Hand and Wrist Center at The Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois is composed of experienced medical professionals that have worked as a team since the inception of the Center. Our experienced physicians and surgeons provide the latest in technologically advanced services including x rays, MRIs and therapy. If you choose, you will be treated from evaluation to post-surgical...

Hand and Wrist Services

Total Joint Replacement

When you have been living with excruciating joint pain for years or have been experiencing limited mobility because of a joint problem, relief may seem unattainable. Total joint replacement may be the solution you seek. When your hip, knee, ankle, or shoulder has permanent damage, a new, artificial joint can help you find pain relief and restore your mobility....

Total Joint Replacement Services


A few of the services we offer.

Joint Reconstruction

New surgical techniques and technologies are offering hope for those who wish to repair but also fully preserve their problem joint. Joint reconstruction is a surgical procedure that fully restores the hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle joints to full function without the need to replace them completely! Contact our orthopaedic surgeons in Illinois to see if joint reconstruction is...

Joint Reconstruction Services

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management services offered by the Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois connects patients with comprehensive, tailored pain management care. Our multidisciplinary approach is the solution for individuals living with debilitating chronic pain and for those whose pain has not been responsive to other techniques. Interventional pain management places emphasis on improving the chronic pain patient’s quality of life....

Interventional Pain Management Services

Physical Therapy

Let us help you discover solutions to your health care concerns with our range of services catered toward injury prevention and rehabilitation for the physically active. Whether you represent industry, athletics, or the general public… “We simply do what’s best for you!” Get in touch with our orthopaedic doctors in Illinois now to schedule an appointment to see how...

Physical Therapy Services


The Radiology Department at The Orthopaedic Institute is equipped with multiple digital x-ray units at all of our locations. We are proud to have a full staff of qualified radiologists and technicians. Get in touch with our radiologists in Illinois if you need an x-ray or MRI performed. What is an X-Ray? An X-ray is a painless and quick...

Radiology Services


Do you have a bone care need that doesn’t quite fall within any of our primary service areas? We have a selection of additional specialty programs and clinics designed to meet your complete orthopaedic needs. These services include the use of specialized equipment and technologies combined with proven treatments and leading diagnostic tools. Physicians with the technical expertise and...

Other Services


A few of the services we offer.

COVID-19 Precautions

We at Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois are committed to continuing to provide the highest quality and safest orthopaedic care to the people of Southern Illinois.

In the interest of protecting our patients and employees, we have instituted the following procedures:

In following the CDC guidelines, while inside our facilities, all employees, patients, and visitors over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask at all times when not actively eating or drinking.

With the exception of a single parent accompanying a minor or a designated caregiver accompanying an impaired adult, we will limiting the number of visitors accompanying patients to ensure safe social distancing wtihin our facilities. .

At this time, we will continue to provide full physician services in the office as well as physical and occupational therapy, imaging, pain management, and walkin clinic services for your immediate, acute orthopaedic needs.

We are working closely with our hospital partners for the continued provision of urgent and emergent orthopaedic care.

Please remember to stay calm, stay smart, and if you are feeling ill, stay home.

Thank you,
The Physicians and Staff of Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois.