You have a joint problem that causes you pain or limits your ability to move. You’ve dealt with it for far too long and can no longer ignore the overpowering debilitation. Total joint replacement may provide you with meaningful, lasting relief. Yet, you are unsure whether you want to commit. After all, when you think of surgery, you envision days spent in the hospital and even longer confined to bed following the procedure; it’s hardly appealing.

Fortunately, some patients have the choice of getting same-day total joint replacement. This is an outpatient procedure. In same day total joint replacement, you receive the same skilled surgical care and are able to return to the comfort of your home the very same day. Contact us to find out if same day total joint replacement at the Orthopaedic Institute of Southern Illinois is right for you.

Candidates for Same Day Total Joint Replacement

The first decision to make is the decision to undergo a total joint replacement procedure at all. Individuals suffering from debilitating joint pain or the associated mobility restrictions may benefit from a total joint replacement surgery. Your medical provider will recommend and administer other treatments before suggesting surgery. Still, for those who do not find relief from these other methods, joint replacement can be the best course of action.

Once you and your doctor have landed on the decision of a total joint replacement, you may wonder whether a same-day procedure is an option for you. Outpatient surgery may be an enticing option, but this route is not for everyone. The patient must meet some basic qualifications to be eligible for same-day joint replacement.

Same-day total joint replacement is for patients who are highly motivated, relatively healthy, and have these qualities:

  • Under 75 years of age (with possible exceptions for those in good health who meet the other requirements)
  • A body mass index (BMI) of less than 40 kg/m2
  • The ability to walk independently or with the use of a cane prior to surgery
  • Access to help at home for support during the recovery period
  • A healthy heart – no cardiac or repiratory disease that calls for monitoring
  • No untreated sleep apneea
  • No opiod or opiate dependence or long-term use
  • No medical conditions that would otherwise prevent same-day discharge

This same-day option should only be used for unilateral joint replacements. This means that the surgeon will only be operating on one joint. Bilateral replacement patients – those who are having, for example, both knees replaced, need additional support and recovery time and therefore should not be treated as same-day joint replacement patients.

Advantages of Same-Day Procedures

Ultimately, the decision to opt for outpatient joint replacement is up to you, the patient. Your orthopaedic surgeon will recommend the option if you meet the criteria and they are confident that you are a good candidate. It is up to you to choose whether an outpatient joint replacement is appropriate for you or if you are more comfortable with a hospital stay that can last from one night to four or five days.

Some benefits of same-day total joint replacement are:

  • Convenience: Any hospital stay is a disruption to your daily life and routines. You will need to make arrangements that might include having someone bring in your mail, emptying your refrigerator, having someone feed your pets, childcare, and other considerations that can become a hassle.
  • Cost: Hospital stays are costly. A same-day procedure saves you a significant amount of money.
  • Safety: After a surgery, there is the potential of contracting infectious disease. While hospitals take precautions and follow procedures to negate the risk, there is a chance of exposure to infections when you stay in the hospital.
  • Recovery time: When you leave the SIOC Ambulatory Surgery Center, your recovery begins immediately. Your joint will be in use mere hours after the surgery. This is totally safe, and using it helps you enjoy a swift recovery.

What To Expect During Same-Day Total Joint Replacement

Before the Surgery

Before the procedure, engage in preoperative activities in preparation and for a successful recovery. You will learn skills, exercises, and techniques to help you in your recovery, and your orthopaedic surgery team will educate you on what to expect.

Joint Replacement Operation

Our orthopaedic surgeons use the best techniques and most minimally invasive approaches possible to minimize pain and expedite recovery. The surgery will be scheduled earlier in the day to allow for ample time to recover from the anesthesia before leaving the surgery center. Most patients can expect to spend between four to six hours in our facility. Before we discharge you, we will ensure that you are capable and safe. We will not rush you out if any complications call for a longer stay.

After the Surgery

As with a procedure followed by a hospital stay, you will receive post-operative care. In the first few days following your total joint replacement surgery, the focus is on resting and managing pain, done in the comfort of your home. Then comes the orthopaedic recovery. This will be tailored to your unique needs as a patient and will include visits from your doctor and outpatient rehabilitation therapy as necessary.

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The lasting relief from your joint pain and mobility issues may be as easy as same-day total joint replacement. Find out if you are a candidate for this outpatient procedure and begin your path towards a pain-free, mobile lift with a brand new joint. Get in touch with our orthopaedic surgeons in Illinois to see how we can help you or call any of our locations below:

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